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Painting your car parts

If you purchase used car parts you will usually save a lot of money. Of course it would be nice if a bumper or bonnet matches the colour of your car. If not, we can paint your car parts!

There are numerous reasons to purchase used car parts. First of all, costs of course; used parts are much cheaper than new parts.

If you drive older cars of even an Oldtimer, new car parts won’t usually be manufactured anymore. De Boer Auto Onderdelen offers a wide range of high-quality used brands.

Painting bumper or bonnet

In some cases you will only have a slight chance to find both the right size and the right colour. Especially if your car has a specific colour.

Car parts such as a bumper or a bonnet should match the rest of your car as good as possible. Is it not the case? No problem! We can paint your car in any desired colour!

De Boer Auto Onderdelen hasn’t only specialized in disassembling scrap cars, but can pimp your car as well. We can both mount and paint car parts, such as:

  • Bumpers
  • Bonnet
  • Mirror covers
  • Screen
  • Boot lids
  • Hatchbacks
  • Doors


Of course you can also mount your painted car part yourself. We can paint all car parts in any desired colour. Please pass on the right colour code to avoid colour differences.

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Costs of painting car parts

Are you looking for affordable used car parts? You have come to the right address!

Each day we receive scrap cars; all kinds of brands even luxurious ones. On our website you will find our current offer of car parts.
In addition, we also purchase brand-new parts worldwide at sharp prices.

Did you spot a perfect part for your car? Don’t hesitate, as our offer changes every day! We only offer the parts upon completion of the safeguard procedure. Do you need advice? Our team will be at your disposal!

More information?

Are you curious about our assortment or would you like to receive more information? We kindly welcome you in Stadskanaal (Groningen). Of course you can also contact us by e-mail, telephone or social media. Check our contact data.

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